Privacy statement


Why is a privacy statement necessary?

ILVO, located at 9820 Merelbeke, Burgemeester Van Gansberghelaan 92/1, is the administrator of the DjustConnect platform, hereinafter referred to as DjustConnect. ILVO is committed to respecting your privacy and processing your personal data in the best possible way.

In order to function optimally, DjustConnect requires a limited amount of personal data from each user that registers on this platform. A farmer, a data provider or a data consumer can all be users of this platform. Each user is assigned an account. A DjustConnect account is personal. Multiple users can register per farmer, data provider or data user.

ILVO ensures that the processing of the obtained personal data is done in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and this privacy statement.

This implies that we:

  • process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they were provided;
  • limit the processing to those data that are necessary within this purpose;
  • seek your explicit consent where required by law;
  • have taken appropriate technical and organisational procedures to safeguard your personal data.

In this privacy statement, we explain to you which personal data ILVO processes within this scope, namely DjustConnect, what and why we use these data, how we protect these data, for how long we keep them and how you can exercise your rights.

The preceding animated video summarises the most important points of this privacy statement for you.

What personal data do we process, how are they obtained and why do we process them?

ILVO processes 4 types of data within the scope of DjustConnect:

  • data required to identify you
  • data that you have given us
  • data shared via the DjustConnect platform
  • technical information on data sharing
  1. Data required to identify you

Registration with DjustConnect takes place electronically via the digital access management (ACM) and digital user management (IDM) of the Flemish Government. To identify you, we process an identification number of the farmer, data provider or data buyer for which you register. The KBO number is used to determine for which (agricultural) company or companies you are allowed to assess data requests.

  1. Data you have given us
    • Email address: this will only be used to mail you to complete your registration, to support you during registration or use of the platform and to inform you of new data requests or new DjustConnect functionalities. As a user, you can specify in the DjustConnect dashboard whether you would like to receive these emails or not;
    • Consent: your approval or disapproval for the various data sharing requests, as well as the date and time when you gave or withdrew your consent;
    • Contact details (name, KBO number, email address, telephone number and your question) via the contact form of DjustConnect: these details are processed via email and used only to deal with your question.
  2. Data shared via the DjustConnect platform

In order to fulfil the intended purpose of DjustConnect, data is also exchanged in real time between data providers and data users. These data may contain personal data. All users hereby always comply with all provisions contained in the DjustConnect user agreement.

The legal basis for the exchange of this data is your consent. Data providers and data consumers are data controllers. DjustConnect acts in this capacity as a data controller (see "DjustConnect as data processor and data controller" below).

An overview of which data is exchanged, by which companies and for what purpose, can be found in your personal DjustConnect dashboard under “manage data requests”. The farmer and the data provider give their explicit consent for the sharing of these data per data source and per purpose in the DjustConnect dashboard. The DjustConnect platform will not share any data without the consent of the farmer and data provider concerned. The farmer and data provider remain at all times in control of (i) which data is shared, (ii) with which user and (iii) according to which application.

Neither the data exchanged nor any personal data will ever be stored by DjustConnect.

  1. Technical information on data sharing via the DjustConnect platform

When using the DjustConnect platform, ILVO collects data. This data includes personal data and data about the data exchanges that take place via DjustConnect (which data provider and customer, which data (API), ID number of the farm from which data is exchanged (if applicable), consent information (approval/disapproval), time, volume, duration, IP address of the data customer's server). These data are automatically collected for the purpose of:

  • implementing the DjustConnect services, i.e. facilitating transparent data sharing in the agri-food industry while respecting data ownership;
  • to be able to offer transparency around data sharing via the DjustConnect platform to all users, including transparency about the correct application of permissions and the data exchanged.

Each user can consult which technical information is collected via the DjustConnect dashboard (Transaction Overview). Personal data is limited to what is strictly necessary within the framework of the actual data request between the data provider, data consumer and the agricultural businesses involved.

Do we share your data with others?

The data shared via the DjustConnect platform is never shared with others. Only you and the persons (data recipients) you have authorized have access to your data. This access will be limited to what is strictly necessary within the framework of the concrete data request between the data provider, data recipient and the agricultural companies involved.

How is your data stored and secured?

ILVO only stores the hashed personal ID, surname, first name, (personal) email address, as well as the KBO number, the consents and an overview of which data is exchanged from the company for which you have registered (as farmer, data provider and data buyer). ILVO takes sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect your data. These appropriate measures take into account the state of the art and the costs of implementation.

How long is your data stored?

We do not retain your personal data any longer than necessary: we only retain it long enough to provide our services to you as a user or for other important reasons, such as legal obligations, dispute resolution or to enforce our agreement.

You may cancel your registration with DjustConnect (and delete your user account) at any time by sending a simple request to All personal data associated with your personal user account will be deleted at that time.

If you are the only user of the farm, data provider or data consumer, deleting your account will not only delete your personal data, but will also delete all consents already given. This will immediately and automatically stop all active data exchanges.

The historical technical information of the data sharing itself is not deleted. This data, with your email address as identifier, is kept in order to provide transparency about past data exchanges even after your account is closed. We do this to be 100% transparent about the proper functioning of the platform and the correct application of your consents.

What are your rights concerning your data?

The DjustConnect portal provides you with an overview of the data we hold. If any of your data is incorrect, you can have it corrected by:

  • report the error via the action button report error in the DjustConnect portal/view of the farm or
  • by sending an email to with the request to amend the data.

You have the right to cancel your registration as a user of DjustConnect by sending a request to delete your account to

If you do not agree with the way in which we process your data, you can contact the ILVO Data Protection Officer at In addition, you can lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Flemish Data Protection Authority).

DjustConnect as data controller and data processor

EU data protection law distinguishes between an organization that process personal data for its own purposes ("data controller") and an organization that process personal data on behalf of the controller ("data processor"). If you have a question or complaint about how your personal data is handled, it should always be directed to the relevant data controller, as they are responsible for processing your personal data.

DjustConnect may act as either a data controller or a data processor in respect of your personal data, depending on the circumstances.

For example, if you create an account on the DjustConnect platform, DjustConnect will be a data controller with respect to the personal data you provide as part of your account. DjustConnect will also be the processor of the personal data we have obtained (your email address and consents) and any technical information surrounding the data exchanges that we automatically collect. This data is mainly processed internally and only for the purposes indicated. However, if DjustConnect use an external sub-processor (e.g., an IT provider) to perform this task, we monitor the processing via a processor agreement. You can ask us for an overview of the sub-processors we use.

However, if your personal data is contained in APIs or data sources which are offered by data providers on the DjustConnect platform, DjustConnect will only process these personal data in accordance with its terms of use. This means that DjustConnect will only exchange these data if you have given your explicit consent as to (I) which data, (II) with which data provider, and (III) in accordance with which application the data may be shared.

In these circumstances, DjustConnect does not decide which personal data will be exchanged, nor are we responsible for the continued accuracy of the personal data provided. Any questions you may have regarding your personal data and your rights under data protection law should therefore be directed to the data provider and/or the data recipient, indicated in the respective data request, who act as data controllers. You can find all data per data request in your DjustConnect dashboard under manage data requests.

Who can you contact for more information?

For more information, please contact the ILVO Data Protection Officer:

Bart Ampe

T +32 9 272 26 56

To prevent anyone other than yourself from accessing, changing or deleting your data, we ask you in this case to identify yourself by sending a scan/copy of your identity card so that we can identify you.

The data controller is:

Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO)

Burgemeester Van Gansberghelaan 92 bus 1, 9820 Merelbeke

T +32 9 272 25 00

Amendments to privacy statement

We may change this privacy statement. The modified version will always be posted on this page. Significant changes will also be announced on the home page of, on the login screen or via an email message to all registered users.

Applicable law

This privacy statement is interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. In the event of a dispute and in the absence of an amicable settlement, the courts of the district of East Flanders, Ghent division, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.