Workshop (EN): The agricultural data space - next level in data sharing?


Data-driven innovations are transforming the economy, including the agri-food sector. Hence, this transformation is affecting you as an actor of the sector. Europe aims to fasten and broaden this transformation in an inclusive and responsible manner across the EU through numerous actions, for example the concept of data spaces, EU cloud infrastructure, new legislation regulating the data economy.

To discuss what is happening at a European level, how this will affect you as an agri-food actor and collect your experiences and input, we organise a workshop on the 4th of April in Brussels. The workshop is organised in the framework of the projects AgriDataSpace and Desira.

The workshop will be held in English, but discussions can be facilitated in French and Dutch.

Let us know if you are interested.


10u45: Welcome and coffee in building Herman Teirlinck, Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussel –Room 01.05, Isala Van Diest

11u00: What you need to know about data spaces.

What is a data space, why do we need the agricultural data space and how are we paving the way towards it? We will also present an insight in the current European data sharing landscape. After that, we need your input to further elaborate the mapping of existing data sharing initiatives, and discuss on important aspects for the future of European data sharing in agriculture.

12u30: Time for recharging and lunch

13u30: Shaping the data-economy in an inclusive and responsible way: Ethics, sovereignty and legislation

  • What can you expect in the near future of new legislation and how will this impact todays data sharing? We will present you an overview.
  • How can you reflect on the ethical aspects of digitisation? With a code of ethics for digitisation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas, DESIRA will help you get started.
  • 6 years of European Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement. We will stock of your experiences and good practices and gain your recommendations for improvement.
  • What if sensitive data is shared with the government? We present the results of a DESIRA case on ammonia emissions. OF Good practices about data sharing of sensitive data with the government will be demonstrated

16u00: The end

More info about the project

The main objective of the AgriDataSpace project is to pave the way for a European Agriculture Data Space that facilitates data sharing, processing and analysis in a secured, trusted, transparent and responsible manner to create new opportunities for monitoring and optimising natural resource use and stimulating data-driven innovations.

Desira aims to improve the capacity of society to respond to the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in rural areas. Through a network of 20 Living Labs in the European rural areas, the project is assessing the past, current and future socio-economic impacts of ICT-related innovation.